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Apr 11, 2016


The Enviropaedia is a South African environmental encyclopaedia and networking platform that promotes social and environmental sustainability.  They educate and motivate consumers to purchase new emerging “green” products, technologies and services from organisations that demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.  One of the ways they do this is through the annual Eco-Logic Awards.

Caption: Smiling broadly! Anél Blignaut, CCC Project Manager and Eddie Vienings, Partner of Blue North Sustainability.

The Eco-Logic Climate Change Award was sponsored by the Department of Environmental Affairs and recognizes and organization that has achieved a substantial reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions.

The basis of the judging criteria for these awards is formed by a seven-rooted value system called Eco-Logic that is designed to build and support a healthier planet and society.  Read more about this on

The Confronting Climate Change Initiative (CCC) was honoured with a bronze award in the Climate Change category at the very prestigious Eco-Logic Awards function at the Table Bay Hotel on 21 April 2016.

Last year, the CCC Initiative was selected as the national winner for South Africa in the Energy Globe awards.  More than 1500 projects from a total of 177 countries were submitted at the end of 2014 for this prestigious award.  The jury consisting of high-profile experts selected the Confronting Climate Change Initiative as the national winner for South Africa.

Energy Globe, a globally active non-profit organization, has for more than 30 years been organizing campaigns and activities to help provide information on the appropriate and efficient use of resources and renewables by promoting best practice.

These awards provide substance and credibility to a cross-industry initiative that was started in 2008.  The year-on-year data that is being generated by the carbon calculator is providing the South African Fruit and Wine Growers with not only measurements of their carbon footprint but also excellent consumption benchmarks for electricity, diesel and other key inputs. This creates the opportunity to initiate improvements that increase efficiencies while at the same time lowering the carbon footprint.”

CCC together with Blue North Sustainability would like to congratulate and give recognition to all the individuals and industry organizations that have worked on this project and believed in its potential!


CCC at a glance:

As climate change becomes a concern for shoppers in wealthier nations, producers in developing countries such as SA could be negatively impacted by the potential market access implications. SA's wine and fruit industry is a prime example of where such risk exists. It exports 2,2 Mt of fruit and 412 M litres of wine each year. About 10%-15% of this goes to the UK.

But with climate change and national strategies to mitigate its effects increasingly becoming a foreign policy issue, and with large European supermarket chains, putting pressure on supply chains to account for reduced emissions, local wine makers and fruit growers have reason to be concerned.

"In the near future, we run the risk that carbon emissions could be used as an artificial trade barrier to SA producers," says Hugh Campbell, HORTGRO Science GM. "In the developing world, we've got to start managing the perceptions of buyers and policy makers by providing them with objective information on carbon emissions along the supply chain as well as keep them informed of measures to reduce these emissions."

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·         Visit the Energy Globe website on where you will find information on the Confronting Climate Change Initiative.

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