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What is Confronting Climate Change?

The Confronting Climate Change (CCC) Initiative is a carbon footprinting project, developed to support the South African fruit and wine sectors through identifying and responding to the risks and opportunities associated with carbon emissions.

The CCC Initiative includes an online carbon-footprinting platform (updated regularly); a series of regular industry engagement workshops; a range of commodity-specific industry benchmark reports; and up-to-date and relevant energy and emissions-related news and information.

How did it start?

As consumer pressure, retail strategies and foreign policy increasingly evolve to reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change, South African fruit and wine producers and exporters face potential business risk.

The CCC initiative was conceptualised by the South African fruit and wine industry in 2008, to enable South African growers and service providers to measure their carbon footprint, identify 'carbon hotspots', develop creative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, and manage the perceptions of buyers and policy makers in order to secure the long-term viability of the industry.

The CCC carbon footprinting tool has been independently audited by the Carbon Trust, and has been endorsed as a reliable and credible resource for measuring the carbon footprint of South African wine and fruit-related products.

A steering committee provides strategic guidance to the project, and includes representatives from the fruit and wine industry, the Western Cape Department of Agriculture (WC DoA), and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-SA), in addition to a number of independent climate and energy experts.

The project has been managed by Blue North Sustainability since 2011, on behalf of the steering committee.

To date, the project's historical funding bodies include the WC DoA; the UK Department for International Development (DFID) (for the first three years); and various fruit and wine industry bodies.

Meet our team


Chantelle Smit

Commercial Head

B.Sc. Conservation Ecology;
M.Sc. cum laude Entomology.


 Anél Blignaut


Karlien Heyns


BEng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering);
MEng (Industrial Engineering).


 Anél Blignaut


Gerald Payne

Platform Manager

Dip Computer Science.



Eddie Vienings

Technical Manager

B.Eng (Industrial Engineering);
qualified TOC Practitioner.


 Eddie Vienings


Amber Paulse

Customer Success Officer

B.Sc Conservation Ecology;
M.Sc Conservation Ecology
(cum laude).


 Anél Blignaut